Order Process

Account Set-Up

Our Client Services team and Account Representatives are available to help facilitate the entire ordering process from start to finish.

New to Exceltox testing? Contact Client Service to create your account and to connect with the Account Representative in your area who can help:

Create custom test menus and panels for your practice
Create custom test menus and panels for your practice
Train your staff in placing test orders
Train your staff in placing test orders
Answer billing questions
Answer billing questions
Provide custom, pre-paid shipping labels
Provide custom, pre-paid shipping labels
Manage inventory and replenish collection supplies when needed
Manage inventory and replenish collection supplies when needed
Coordinate sample pick-up
Coordinate sample pick-up
Provide up-to-date information about test result status
Provide up-to-date information about test result status

Specimen Collection & Transport

Specimen Collection

Verify specimen container is secure to prevent leakage
Verify requisition form is complete
Verify container expiration date
Ensure patient initials collection container security seal sticker
Place top copy of requisition form in the bag with name and code facing out
Place the specimen in the collection bag and seal
Place collection bag in the appropriate FedEx or UPS transport pack or box provided by Exceltox

Specimen Transport Prep

Specimen should be transported in a secondary covered container. Best effort must be made for specimen to be in an upright position inside the container with the lid properly secured.
Exceltox - Specimen Transport Prep
Exceltox - Specimen Shipping

Specimen Shipping

All shipping charges are paid by Exceltox when you use the pre-addressed labels provided with the collection supplies. Your account manager will set up your account with FedEx or UPS, schedule your routine pick-ups, and provide you with custom lab packs and pre-printed shipping labels.

Depending on the location of your facility we may retrieve the specimens with one of our in-house couriers.

Specimen Storing

Specimen Pick-up
Exceltox - Specimen Pick-up

While awaiting pick-up, maintain specimens at room temperature or on cold packs unless otherwise noted. Customers are responsible for the security of specimens prior to pick-up unless one of our collectors is on site.

Frozen Specimens
Exceltox - Frozen Specimens

Frozen specimens must be transported in insulated containers surrounded by dry ice to keep the specimen frozen until it reaches the laboratory. We do not accept thawed specimens.

Specimen Samples
Exceltox - Specimen Samples

All specimen samples must be analyzed within 5 days of collection when stored at room temp or refrigerated. If a delay in testing is anticipated, samples must be stored frozen until the time of analysis.

Billing Information

Billing Experts

Exceltox only uses experienced billing experts who work diligently to ensure all codes are accurately used to bill Medicare or other publicly funded health care programs. We only bill for tests that have been ordered and for which test results have been presented to the ordering physician.
Exceltox - Billing Experts
Exceltox - Insurance Providers

Insurance Providers

Most insurance providers require that we bill patients for any deductible, co-insurance and co-payment amounts. The charges are reflected on the explanation of benefits that you receive in the mail from the insurer. Exceltox does not determine the amount required for the patient responsibility, the insurer determines this amount. If Exceltox is not contracted with a particular insurance plan we typically bill the patient the amount designated by their individual plan. The allowable charge is determined by the insurer. If the insurer pays the full allowable amount the patient will not be billed by Exceltox.

Workers Compensation- All services performed on Workers Compensation patients will be billed directly to the Workers Compensation plans. Patient responsibility does not usually apply.

Checks Received

Patients that receive checks from their insurance provider for services rendered by Exceltox must immediately send to our address. Endorse the back of the check and write “Pay to Exceltox”. All payments that are not forwarded to Exceltox may be sent to collections, we do not hold the patient responsible for any amount above the payment that was received.

Exceltox - Checks Received
Exceltox - Financial Support Programs

Financial Support Programs

Please contact us via email with any questions regarding financial support options for those meeting the federal guidelines that are required for assistance.

Admin@exceltox.com or by phone at (877) 202-7019 if you have any billing questions. Exceltox does not provide refunds.