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Unlocking Genetics™

Exceltox offers an extensive menu of testing for genetic disorders and drug response for pain management, mental health and cardiac disorders.

Advanced Facilities

Exceltox is a CAP-accredited, CLIA-certified laboratory offering advanced clinical and toxicology testing services.

  • Exceltox Drug Accredidation
  • Exceltox Drug Accredidation
  • Exceltox Drug Accredidation
  • Exceltox Drug Accredidation
  • Exceltox Drug Accredidation

Superior Service

Who We Serve
  • Individuals
  • Family Members
    Family Members
  • Employers & Human Resources
    Employers & Human Resources
  • Rehabilitation Centers
    Rehabilitation Centers
  • Physicians
Our Dedicated Team

Personalized testing should be personal every step of the way. Our dedicated medical, scientific and account staff are available to assist you with all your needs.

Medical & Scientific Team

  • Technical Inquiries
  • Medical Consulting
  • Interpretation of Results

Contact Medical & Scientific Team

Client Services

  • Account set up and provider portal access
  • Custom test menus and panels
  • Billing questions
  • Supply requests
  • Test result status

Contact Client Services

Reliable Results

We combine the latest in science and technology with expertise from clinical leaders within the fields of pharmacogenomics and genetics to deliver results you can trust.

Order a Test

We make the ordering process easy. Our streamlined operations and state-of-the-art reporting software ensures results are timely and easily accessible via:

EMR Integration

EMR Integration

Physician Portal

Physician Portal

Secure Fax & Email

Secure Fax & Email

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